The purpose of the function of the internal trade module is the ability to dispose of  CCX tokens before the official entry of tokens on exchanges with global access. In contrast to professional trading tools,  exchanges have the task of only supporting users who, for various reasons, have to sell part of the tokens they own. The funds available for the purchase of tokens come only from the marketing commission resources, therefore the limitations and solutions adequate to the situation must be applied.



Sales market

Sellers have the opportunity to issue offers up to a value not exceeding $regulated_value / month. The value will be regulated in according to needs and possibilities of current market.The amount of the value will be assessed according to the current sales price of CCX tokens. CCX coming from : pre sale, bonuses, airdrops and bounites are not qualify for internal trade - the users who will not follow this point will be permanently banned from the program.



Minimum values

The minimum value of purchase and sale offers is the current sale price of CCX tokens with a maximum difference of not more than $ 0.25. For example : The current sale price is $ 5.0, the purchase and sale offer should not be less than $ 4.75. In the case of unrealized offers during the change of the official selling price, the offers will be returned to the user within 7 days.



The buying market

The funds available for the purchase of tokens CCX come only from the marketing commission resources.




The user who has funds from the marketing commission for the purchase of tokens should immediately issue purchase offers. Unused funds in up to 7 days (no later than 12:00 CET on every Friday) will automatically issue an offer via admin/system for the purchase of tokens and thus converted into CCX tokens.




Funds from marketing can not be transferred to other wallets. Transactions made on internal trade can not be reversed. Transaction fees can be settled on a daily basis. Users with multiple accounts - the same account for one household / IP address, will be excluded from trading opportunities.




Our rights

Due to the features of internal trade as an experimental environment, and the difficult predictability of funds available by users in marketing, we reserve the right to modify above the rules at any time.